Wild saunas,
hot places

Book a nordic sauna for you and your friends at unique locations.

On Friday June 2 we will open our second summer location at Weelde in Rotterdam! We are back in Amsterdam early October.
Get a 20% summer discount with code SUMMERHEAT at all locations.

What is Kuuma°

Kuuma° is a Scandinavian inspired sauna. Relax, chat, sweat, and enjoy spectacular views together. Located at new and stunning locations every time. With a drop-in ticket you can enter the sauna for an hour, or you can book the entire sauna with your friends for an hour and a half as a group.

How it works!

Pick a time that works best for you and your friends.

Grab your swimwear and open the door of the preheated sauna yourself.

Play Aufguss master, chill out with your own music and enjoy the view.

Cool off with a bucket of cold water.

Kuuma + Weelde

Marconistraat 39, Rotterdam | until 30-09-2023

From the start of June to the end of September Kuuma Weelde is placed in the garden of Weelde in Rotterdam. Enhance your sauna experience and go for a bite and drinks at Club Sandwich, The Rumah or Bar Tutto. We are open Thursday to Sunday.

Kuuma + Camping Kallumaan

From the end of May to the end of September we are celebrating  summer at the lovely Netl Camping Kallumaan in the Noordoostpolder. Come for a day visit or bring your tent and stay over for a cozy night under the stars!