Wild saunas,
hot places

No-nonsense sauna at unique locations in The Netherlands.

We are camping the entire summer at Camping Kallumaan in the Noordoostpolder.
Book Kuuma for private sessions for €40 per hour!

What is Kuuma°

Kuuma° is a Scandinavian inspired group sauna in The Netherlands. Relax, chat, sweat, and enjoy spectacular views together. Located at new and stunning locations every time. Escape the cold and book Kuuma° for you and your friends.

How it works!

Pick a time that works best for you and your friends.

Grab your swimwear and open the door of the preheated sauna yourself.

Play Aufguss master, chill out with your own music and enjoy the view.

Cool off with a bucket of cold water or take a plunge


From mid April to the end of September we are located next to the Zwolse Vaart at Netl Camping Kallumaan. Don’t miss out! Book your sauna and relax after an adventurous day at the campsite or start your day with a natural high!