How it works

1. Prior to your visit

Bring along: swimwear, two towels, slippers, and a bottle of water.

Swimwear is mandatory. The sauna has a small changing room indoors.

You wil receive a text message with the sauna door code prior to your visit. For any questions contact us or drop by our partners Pension Homeland, FC Hyena, Moeke, Hart Beach and Aloha.

2. On arrival

The sauna is autonomous, meaning there will not be a host. We ask all visitors for a little extra care. 

Please take into consideration that there will be folks enjoying the sauna before and after you.

3. During the visit

Drink enough water. There is a tap for drinking water in the sauna.

Cool down properly. Awake your inner Iceman, use the water bucket or take an ice-cold shower.

There is a music system available to connect your own tunes.

With the exception of tap water, food and drinks must be purchased at the bar.

4. After your visit

Stick to the agreed arrival and departure time. This way the next group can also start on time.

Please leave the sauna clean and tidy, as you would love to find it yourself! The sauna is cleaned frequently, but not after each visit. The next group will love you!

We love any and all feedback. Please share your thoughts and ideas with us:, call 085 0470159 and find kuuma_sauna on instagram.