Aambeeldstraat 24,  Amsterdam | until 30-06-2024

Kuuma Noord is placed at a stunning location next to FC Hyena overlooking the IJ in the north of Amsterdam.


Strandweg 3, Scheveningen | until 13-05-2024

Kuuma Scheveningen is located in a beautiful spot right on the beach in front of Hart Beach, with a beautiful panoramic view of the beach and the sea.


Kuuma Nijmegen is located at the beach next to the Lentse Plas and Moeke restaurant.


Leemringweg 19,Kraggenburg | until 20-09-2024

Kuuma Kallumaan is back at Netl Camping Kallumaan in the Noordoostpolder this summer. With a beautiful view over the Zwolse Vaart, it’s the perfect way to relax during your holiday. The sauna can only be booked by camping guests.


Kattenburgerstraat 5, Amsterdam | until 30-04-2024

Kuuma Marineterrein is located at the waterfront and the swimming water near Pension Homeland.

Wijk aan Zee

Reyndersweg 2, Velsen-Noord | until 28-04-2024

Kuuma Wijk aan Zee is located next to Aloha facing the beach, with a spectacular view over the Nord Sea!