Invest in Kuuma Sauna with 10% interest

With unique saunas in extraordinary locations, Kuuma brings the true Scandinavian sauna culture to the Netherlands. Last winter we successfully fired up two locations in the heart of Amsterdam. Our goal for next winter is to open six locations and to introduce Kuuma Sauna in new cities.

The construction of our 3rd and 4th sauna is already in full swing. We are looking for €80.000 for the construction of our 5th and 6th sauna. We offer an interest of 10%, good conditions and nice extras to those who invest.

Who are we and what is Kuuma?

Kuuma° is inspired by the Nordic approach to no-nonsense sauna. A sauna session in the far north of Norway inspired four friends, Ingmar, Michaël, Willem and Daan to bring this experience to the Netherlands.

We design and build our saunas, and fire them up at unique locations in collaboration with our partners — to offer a raw, minimalistic and surprising sauna experience in and out of the city.

Perfect to enjoy each other’s company and the outdoors.

Our Saunas

With our innovative, mobile and autonomous saunas, Kuuma brings the Nordic sauna culture to the Netherlands. Our small-scale saunas are a place where people from all walks of life meet and are a social and sustainable alternative to the large wellness centers.

Smart sauna
Thanks to a unique and self-designed connection between our booking system and the sauna heater, our saunas are only heated when they are actually used. Visitors receive digital instructions and a door code prior to their booking. Because our saunas work autonomously, there is no need for a sauna host to be present. That saves money and energy!

Mobile sauna 
Our saunas are mobile. We can transport the saunas ourselves and assemble or dismantle them within one day. This enables us to open the saunas at the most attractive locations without or with limited permit procedures. In the winter at the best locations in the city and in the summer at locations in nature. In addition to the winter and summer locations, we focus on the development of permanent and floating saunas.

Drop-in and group sessions

Visitors can book Kuuma in two ways.

Drop-insession. Book a place for 1 hour for €12.50 and start or end your working day with a relaxed sauna session. Awaken the inner iceman with a bucket of cold water over your head. You share the sauna with a maximum of 5 others.

Groepsession. For €90 to €110, book the entire sauna with your friends for 1.5 hours and enjoy the view together, relax, sweat, chat and take a dive into the water.

Watch this short video to get a good idea of Kuuma sauna in action. The video was made by a visitor last winter and has been viewed more than 1.4 million times.

What we have achieved so far

In Scandinavia, small-scale saunas have been hot business for a while. Over the last 18 months we have proven the concept in the Netherlands with fantastic results.

  • We designed and built three saunas on our own. We are on track to open the 4th, 5th and 6th sauna in 2023.
  • Our locations in Amsterdam had an occupancy rate of 92% and 71% during the winter season (Oct-May).
  • We received over 5,000 visitors in 2022. And in the first months of this year more than 10,000 visitors.
  • Our locations score a Google review of 4.8 and 4.9 stars and we receive positive feedback from visitors.
  • The total turnover in 2022 was >€100.000. The total turnover in the first months of 2023 was >€180.000
  • We have obtained a seasonal permit for a period of 10 years at our best running location (Marineterrein Amsterdam).
  • We gained 8.500 followers on Instagram and reached 1.25 million people with a limited paid advertising budget.
  • In a short time we have received a lot of media attention both nationally and regionally, with publications in De Telegraaf, Het Parool, AT5, I Amsterdam and Wendy Magazine.

What we want to do with the loan

The cost of building a sauna is €40.000. We are looking for €80.000 to build our 5th and 6th sauna.

With these saunas we want to expand to Rotterdam and Utrecht next winter. We are currently finalizing agreements with location partners in these cities.


Business case example of the sauna at the Marineterrein in Amsterdam

The calculation below gives an idea of the income, costs and payback period of a sauna. The calculation is based on figures realized at our location on the Marineterrein in Amsterdam in the ’22/’23 season. 

After a deduction of 30% for indirect costs, the payback period of a sauna is less than 4 months.

Our loan offer

We offer an interest of 10% on a loan with a duration of 5 yearsBesides, we offer nice extras and good conditions. We payback the loan on a monthly basis. To limit risks for investors, the four shareholders of Kuuma are also personally jointly and severally liable for repayment of the loan. See the example below of a repayment schedule for a loan of € 20.000.

You can choose from one of the following packages. We are open to discuss personal wishes.

Loan of €5.000 

  • 10% interest
  • A group session of 1.5 hours
  • Festive invitation for the opening dinner
  • Total amount after 60 months: €6.300

Loan of €10.000 

  • 10% interest
  • A group session of 1.5 hours
  • Festive invitation for the opening dinner
  • Total amount after 60 months:
  • €12.600

Loan of €20.000 

  • 10% interest
  • A group session of 1.5 hours
  • Festive invitation for the opening dinner
  • Total amount after 60 months: €25.260

Loan of €40.000 

  • 10% interest
  • A group session of 1.5 hours
  • Festive invitation for the opening dinner
  • Total amount after 60 months: €50.460


There are risks associated with lending money. For investors, we want to limit these risks by holding ourselves jointly and severally liable as shareholders of Kuuma for the repayment of the loan.

For us, our location on the Marineterrein in Amsterdam gives us sufficient confidence to take out the loan. In our view, the permit that Kuuma has obtained there and the expected gross profit of >€75.000 generated at this location, are sufficient to cover our annual payment obligations of (in total) €40.000. Even with a full stop on the other five locations.

The forecasted turnover of Kuuma with 6 operational saunas with an average occupancy rate of 70% in 2024 will be €700.000 excluding VAT.

In addition, at the end of 2023, Kuuma will have 6 saunas on its balance sheet with a combined value of €240.000 in material costs.

Business plan

View our business plan here for additional information (in Dutch only, translation available on request). Please keep the information in the business plan confidential. In case of serious interest, we can also share our financial model.

Are you interested?

If you are interested, we would be happy to schedule a call to answer questions and to finalise agreements. In that case, please leave your details in the form below or contact us yourself by contacting Daan Grooten | 06 – 194 11 393 | daan@kuuma.nl

Wie zijn wij en wat is Kuuma?

Een saunasessie in het hoge noorden van Noorwegen inspireerde de vier vrienden Ingmar, Michael, Willem en Daan om de Nordic sauna-ervaring naar Nederland te halen. Met je vrienden – zonder afleiding – ontspannen, genieten van mooie uitzichten, de natuurelementen voelen en samen zweten vinden wij fantastisch! Met dit als doel openen we samen met onze partners steeds op nieuwe en unieke locaties onze zelf ontworpen en gebouwde sauna’s. Voor een rauwe, simplistische en verrassende ervaring in de stad of natuur.

Onze sauna’s

Met onze innovatieve, mobiele en autonome sauna’s brengt Kuuma de Nordic saunacultuur naar Nederland. Onze kleinschalige sauna’s, waarin bezoekers uit alle lagen van de samenleving elkaar ontmoeten, zijn een sociaal en duurzaam alternatief voor de grote wellnesscentra.

Slimme Sauna
Door een unieke en zelf ontworpen koppeling tussen het boekingssysteem en de saunakachel worden onze sauna’s alleen verwarmd als deze daadwerkelijk gebruikt worden. Bezoekers ontvangen voorafgaand aan hun boeking digitale instructies en een deurcode. Doordat onze sauna’s autonoom werken hoeft er geen sauna host aanwezig te zijn. Dat bespaart geld en energie!

Mobiele Sauna
Onze sauna’s zijn mobiel. We kunnen de sauna’s zelf vervoeren en binnen een dag op of af bouwen. Dit stelt ons in staat de sauna’s op de meest aantrekkelijke locaties te openen zonder of met beperkte vergunningstrajecten. In de winter op de beste locaties in de stad en in de zomer op locaties in het groen. Naast de winter- en zomerlocaties focussen wij in het ontwikkelen van permanente en drijvende sauna’s.