Get ready for Kuuma

To enter

We have sent you an email and text message with the code to enter the sauna. Mind that the door locks automatically, so remember your code carefully!

Take with 

Two towels
Bottle of water

In the sauna

1. Swimwear is mandatory
2. Always sit on a towel on the sauna benches
3. Apart from water, drinks or food are not allowed

When you leave

1. Leave on time, so the next group doesn’t have to wait!
2. Make the sauna clean and tidy – just as you would like to find it.
3. Close the outside door and lock it by pressing the < button on the keypad.


1. Kuuma Nijmegen is located at the beach side of the Lentse Plas next to restaurant Moeke. Willem van Arenbergstraat 6, NIjmegen 
Parking is available at Park and Ride (€3,50 a day, 5min walk).

Have a great steam!

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